Friday, October 10, 2008

Sweet 16.

That's right 16 sweet years of marriage. (I spent several hours this morning trying to scan some wedding pictures and instead of throwing the printer across the room I substituted pictures of what I would like, or not like-I'll let you guess-if I were getting remarried the Big Guy of course). I met the Big Guy when I was 16, spent 7 years courting him (and a few minutes where I thought we might end up in court), popped the question on New Year's Eve...yup I asked him and a year and a half later...Mr. and Mrs. W. Abbott. Now what's so weird is that there is no way that someone as young (and vibrant I might add) could possibly have met her beloved 24 1/2 years ago. These damn anniversaries just seem to remind me of how old we are. So it hasn't always been roses and champagne, but my heart still does a little pitter patter when I see his text messages and when I hear him walk in the door at night. He bends over backwards to do little things for me...and I let him (after all it is a mighty nice view). The Big Guy surprised me this morning with a massage table, so in all my appreciation I asked him where the certificate was for "life long massages." He said that was what he was waiting for. I guess that would be payback for the latte maker I got him for his birthday...I was just trying to make it easier for him to make me my weekend coffee! Actually I am pretty sure that the Big Guy would go to bed happy every night if he could give me a bed time massage (and even happier if I would reciprocate).

Of all the phone calls I received today, I think my dad said it best, "Congratulations on keeping a guy that long." Following my silence (and muffled giggle) he said, "What? I would say the same thing to the Big Guy about you." Thanks, Dad!