Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are you afraid of the boogie man?

Um...well...yeah. That's right, I admit it. And apparently so is my mom. We were driving home from "the hood" the other night when I heard something in the bak of my car. Now the Wild Ones were at home all snuggled in bed (or so I hoped) and I don't have a fluffy little dog that I carry around with me. So that kind of left the options open as to what...or who...was making all that noise in the way back. I did have a large box in the back that would have seemed the logical suspect, however, the noise was more prevalent when the car was not moving (see, no movement of the car should equal no movement of the box). I started to get a little freaked and my mother-who overreacts at the phrase "hello"-turned into scary psycho. Now either of us alone might have been able to talk ourselves out of the panic, but together we talked each other into a panic. The highway was dark (no, really it was) and there was no quick exit. I tried to get my mom to crawl in the back and check it out...didn't happen. So I pulled over at the first opportunity and we both jumped from the car, left our doors open, open the back doors and then peered into the way back. I told her to stand back and I lifted the hatch...nothing. We were half convinced that a huge boogie man could actually be hiding behind a 12" tall box. We laughed, pretended to be brave and got back in the car. As soon as we pulled out, the noise began to taunt us. We continued to that would some how protect us...until I dropped her off. Then I was alone and it wasn't so funny anymore. I decided it was best to make friends with the "creature" (I have had two friends with creatures in their cars: one had a mouse run across her foot and the other had a flying squirrel escape in the back of his car). I started talking-I'm pretty good at that you know-and the noise stopped. I had either put the thing to sleep or couldn't hear it over my own ramblings! Either way I made it home safe...I just wonder if the boogie man is now hiding in my back yard.


Nicki said...

That's crazy! You have to let me know what it was if you ever find out.

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Dude, my imagination is crazy. I can scare myself like no ones biz.