Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nice Kazongas.

Oh the proud papa! I don't care what you call them ("aspirins on an ironing board," "honkers,"  "torpedos", or just "big old titties" or go ahead and name your own-mine are Micky and Bonifa, funny that one of the Big Guys is also named Bonifa...I knew it was fate!-or what they look like (of course we all have our own opinions of what looks good and what does not)...the point is you gotta take care of them. Today starts  Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I'd like to challenge everyone to feel yourself up...or ask someone else to do it for you-doesn't even have to be a doctor (although if HE's cute...well why not?). Heck, I can't forget the men, you should get in on the fun too (the feeling up part, not the disease part). Prevention, early diagnosis and a cure will keep us all going long enough to enjoy each other for the decades to come. So if you don't do it for yourself do it for me...or I can do it for you...I mean just do it. Eat well, feel yourself up and give a little if you can. Here's to all of us...Ooogy wawa!!

Special shout out to my sister-in-law Kristy and my grandmother Mavis who have both been diagnosed, battled with and come out on top of this nasty disease. "To women...we need no eulogy...we speak for ourselves."