Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Mama.

I feel energized today (well, mentally at least...physically I am a little slow after the AC/DC concert last night). Do you have to be old, be a parent or just a concerned citizen to be totally psyched by the inauguration of a new President (an African American no less)? I waffle between shrieks of glee and tears of hope. 

My claim to fame is not poetry (actually not really sure I have one at all), but since each new president chooses a poet to read an original work created for him (someday I will look back and insert a "her" here) I thought I'd have a little fun and create something myself. I will steal the type of poem (see a real poet would know the correct name) from the Wild Ones. Here goes:


H is for (what else) hope. I hope that the world is reenergized, encouraged and enlightened by our new leader. If we don't hope it, we can't make it happen and we cannot live it. Hope that our children will live each day better than the last. Hope that we show them by example. Hope that we come together and build a better, brighter future.

O is for opportunities. Opportunities for a black man to rule our country. Opportunities for our daughters to to walk paths that we could not walk. Opportunities for our children to learn from our and their mistakes, to create things that we don't know yet exist. Opportunities of peace.

P is for power. Power to make dreams come true. Power to fight for what is right. Power to make ourselves happy. Power to make a difference. Power to be our best. Power to forgive.

E is for empathy. Empathy not just in understanding other's situations, but enough empathy to do something about it. Empathy to learn about others and to use that knowledge to change and to educate. Empathy to see through another's eyes, to hold someone's hand...to truly care for all humans. 

I H.O.P.E. that we all will make a difference.

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