Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cookie Withdrawl.

I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions...just one more thing to add to my list...that might not get done...which would defeat the purpose of making a reloution to make myself feel better. BUT, when I realized that the zipper on my jeans was going to need a little WD40 to make it all the way to the top...I figured I better rethink the resolution thing. I have not made a list, like eat 1200 calories or exercize 60 minutes a day (although perhaps that is exactly what I should do), I have just decided to be a better me...hopefully that includes a smaller me. It is a mind shift if you will...a new way of thinking. Better things going in, better thoughts while it's in there and better things coming out...and I mean attitude here friends, not potty talk. So those cookies on the counter (not to mention those still in the freezer)...staring at me...taunting me with their sprinkles and chocolate kisses...just might end up accidently in a sink full of sudsy water. Something has to drown them out...the little voices in my head don't need any more competition.

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