Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Wee Wild One.

As the Big Guy and I were getting the Wild Ones ready for bed last night, the Wee One said to us, "You better go to bed early tonight so you can be ready for my birthday tomorrow." Kind of like Christmas morning, he was by the side of my bed at an hour not acceptable for a Saturday morning, wondering if we could wake up the others so we could see if there were presents in the living room. As I was trying to peel my eyes open, the Wee One rolled over and started calculating how many minutes it was until he officially turned 7...thankfully it was almost an hour. We all closed our eyes and snoozed for a while. I cannot believe he fell for that, although it was his idea. So we counted down to the moment of his birth with a detailed story of how he was removed from my belly...cesarean style...and how incredibly long he was...his answer to the story, "Well, that must have be awkward." The Big Guy and I sang to him and our rendition must have roused the others as only something so scary could and that was the end of the lounging. The Wee One opened his presents (note to self: buy stock in Lego) and is waiting patiently for his blueberry pie. Happy Birthday my little Ju Ju Bee.

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