Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I knew I had Rocker in me.

Some one has to teach me...and it won't be the Big Guy...he lives for my wild side. Things to include in your speech to "Me": school nights are not meant for concerts, rock concerts will make your ears ring for days, unplanned bar hopping by limo with 7 men after said concert could be...should be...scary and late night stops for food can leave stains on your clothes (and are tough to find on a Monday night). While you're at it, remind "Me" to drink more water, only sing when you actually know the words and dance like other Orono moms can see you (cuz there were a few within our 40 year old limited vision). Take your time gathering your thoughts and writing the info you want to teach...I mean share. I'll just be in line...waiting for more tickets.

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