Monday, March 3, 2008

I have enough problems walking

Who ever thought strapping two pieces of wood to the bottoms of your feet and then getting as far away from the bottom of a big hill was a good idea?  They must have been young!
As we drove to the hill I had visions of swishing (in a perfect parallel) down the "mountain", enjoying the scenery and lifting my face to feel the hot sun beating down on me.....screeeech!!  For a minute there I forgot I was a mom!!  
After 7 hours on the slopes watching a 6 year olds head disappear over the ledge of a black diamond ("I'm a black diamond skier right? I have black diamonds on my skis!"  GD he's right--who bought those for him??)and watching the 9 and 10 year old hop on the chair lift as if they were headed off to college--I think I have aged 10 years!!

A couple of minor tumbles for the kids--all in all a pretty good day...until we left.  I forgot to mention the freezing rain.  Die hard Minnesotan's--we skied through the rain and had 1/4" of ice covering our jackets (why don't kids ever get cold?!) Our coats literally cracked when we squirmed and wiggled.  
Tired and happy from a great day of family fun, we stopped for dinner before heading home.  As I attempted to step out of the truck(remember the freezing rain?) my feet never hit the asphalt.  Willi heard the scream, looked over to where I should have been standing and saw only the door wiggling in the wind (I'm sure I heard him say "not again", but he won't admit it).  I landed in a twisted heap half under the car parked next to us.  Let's just say today has been an "Advil day" and had nothing to do with the seven hours on the "mountain".


Nicki said...

You're the best!

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Seriously, you have no knees left to blow out-what are you trying to prove?!? Wish I could have been there for the wipe out-always worth a good laugh!

hot4teechr said...

At least your house is on one level, that way when you're in a wheelchair it won't be so hard to get around!!
Honestly, you need to take care of yourself!
love ya!