Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogging for dummies??

I am so overwhelmed at the possibilities of computers--this is amazing.  Really, take a few minutes to think about this.  I am sitting in a mall drinking a tall latte (OK I have a really hard life, but I have to take my computer classes so that I can keep up with all the yipsters--the young hipsters--yep made that one up all by myself!) and sending words, pictures and music across the world--not that there is anyone on the other side of the world that will ever see this, BUT THEY COULD.  Are you still thinking??
Wireless?  Hmmm...all those images I am sending to you...through thin air?  Can you reach out right now and grab some piece of information or bit of picture that doesn't belong to you (better think twice about the pictures you upload--think "Moonfest" or "Wild Ride").  Or how about the web cams?  The Big Guy (and no I don't mean Santa--but that would be cool) and I have conversations with our web cams on even though we are miles apart--instant video and still no wires.  Cannot wrap my mind around this concept (although I sure do enjoy it).
Perhaps we (living things) are the original computers and the mechanical ones are fashioned after us...after all we have been wireless all along and function much like computers.  We all think we are moving forward--what if we are living backwords??  Hmmm...think about that!
OK I am not a philosopher or technogeek.  I am beginning to understand why I was meant to be a mom...you don't have to understand the wireless concept, just the emotional strings!  Maybe I will get out a pad of paper and a pen (yikes) and write a book the old fashioned way.  When I finish, I will deliver a copy to you in person.

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Wow that WAS deep. You totally should write a book (not sure about the pen and pad thang) cuz you seem to have this blog thing mastered. I'll teach ya the html stuff over a glass of wine some night (or afternoon for that matter).