Monday, March 17, 2008

I am one hot mama!

Now I don't usually like to brag, but Saturday morning I was smokin' hot...literally.  We were enjoying a few minutes of peace (yeah right) before our crazy day took off and I thought I would make a yummy breakfast for everyone.  I should have stopped right there.  The Big Guy is the king of scrambled eggs and weekend breakfasts in general (I even got him an espresso maker for his birthday--anything to make it easier for him to bring me a latte in bed), but I thought I'd give him a break.
Did I mention that I was snuggled into the most beautiful and soft chocolate brown robe you have ever seen?  A christmas gift bought at Macy's--they will be hearing from me later in the week...something about a recall??
When I turned the (gas) stove on, I noticed a spark near my left wrist.  I shook my arm straight down and before I could finish the thought "boy that was kinda freaky" I looked down and realized I was covered in flames.  It all happened quite fast and from the look on The Big Guy's face it was worse than I knew.  He grabbed the robe in one hand and pushed me away with the other, throwing the flame ball to the ground.  I never knew he could move that fast--and the jig he did on top of my robe was quite cute--or perhaps I was just enamored with him for saving my life.
I walked away with a scratch across my breast from him grabbing the robe (at least I think that's where it came from!) and a slight shrinkage in the length of my hair.  Evidently the robe was on fire--back and front...which obviously I could not see.  
As I stood trembling and naked in the kitchen, (from laughter and sobs...I wasn't sure if it was funnier or scarier until the shock wore off --definately scarier then, much funnier as I look back) the littlest Wild One comes over and tells me "we should have video taped that and put it on YouTube".  Hmmm lots of love there!
When the middle Wild One came home and heard the story, he asked if I "stopped, dropped and rolled"...hmm...hadn't thought of that (although the big guy said he almost threw me to the floor and rolled on top of me...been there, done that).    So while you cannot call me very bright, you may call me "one hot mama"!


Anonymous said...

kk-SO glad you're ok. have to say the pic of the robe says it all! mk

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Whoa there little lady! A near miss of a Michael Jackson moment!

Nicki said...

You hae the BEST stories!

Nicki said...

Loving seeing your punks at Snook's this week. Love it, great surprise.