Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who are we supposed to believe?

I made the decision not to have the kitties declawed...still debating that one with myself every time I hear their claws ripping into my furniture and every time I feel their claws sinking into my tender skin. However, we do live in the country with a lot of trees (and one big grey camouflaged cat living in one of those trees...just discovered him this weekend) and raccoons and squirrels and other critters. I wanted my kitties to have a "fighting" chance (and, honestly, to rid our yard of a few nasty inhabitants) going outside and it just seemed kind of cruel to send them out without their daggers intact. Unfortunately they are still attacking the furniture...and my legs. The vet says they should out grow this (sure, she doesn't have to live with the ramifications until they do) and that I should get or make them a scratching post. Well enough, but how do I get them to use it? Simple...get some catnip spray and saturate scratching post and they will be attracted to that (instead of fabric and skin). Boy are they ever! Unfortunately, the spray did not come with the warning, "Most cats enjoy cat nip and will roll around the floor in a hazy stupor for an hour after smelling/ingesting. However, for some unlucky and unsuspecting cat owners, their cats will be very attracted to the spray to the point that they will viciously attack anything or anybody that comes within 10 feet of them while they are wrestling with saturated scratching post, including each other. They will act demented and scare the crap out of their owners who may run screaming form the house in fear that their cat's soul has been taken over by the exorcist. Said cat will cling to post, snarl, screech and generally act crazy for about an hour...and then will stand at post acting all peaceful while silently begging for more." Perhaps I should return it...the spray, not the cat.

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