Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am doing my best.

One last (positive thinking please) cold spell with beautiful white virgin (too cold to play in it) snow. I am loving in...picking through my closets of sub-zero winter wear. I want to have the perfect outfit for today as it may be the last time I "get" to wear this stuff for another 7 months. I will bask in my warmth (as I try not to sneeze from the fur lined collars) and do a little jig to honor Old Man Winter...well maybe just to keep warm, but don't tell him. On the outside I will look like a crazy happy (and toasty) lady who loves winter...but inside I will be drowning in my fantasy that the snow is the white sand of the Emerald Coast and the bite on my cheeks is from the salt in the sea water spraying from the ocean. This should tide me over until spring break (6 days away). When I return with sand embedded in my hair and tender red skin I will do what the rest of the Minnesotans do...the dance of spring. As soon as the temps rise into the 50's we bring out the shorts and start wearing flip flops (I love seeing bright pink toenails covered in snow). That is the sign to turn off winter and let us loose...we have paid our tributes (with frost bite and sore backs from shoveling) and we need a break. I'll try to get that memo out before I leave town.

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