Friday, April 24, 2009

I can see it now.

Breaking News: Independence mother sought in questionable practices (for jail or institution?). An unnamed 41 year old woman had been accused of locking two sons in their, not bad enough; duct taping them back to, they might think that was funny; sending them to the basement with nerf, they might break something; making them load the dishwasher and mop the kitchen, they would some how turn that into skating on soapy rags; putting them in the backyard and locking the door-from the, they would consider that an adventure; leaving boys in house and sitting in her car with the radio cranked full, the neighbors might investigate; back to sending them down the hall to their own rooms (and letting them duke it out all the way there) with a stern warning to stay there and NOT interact with each other...ahh, peace and quiet (perhaps a cocktail at the Grouchy dog...for the mother...not the boys)...for two minutes...then whispering, and scheming and some sort of elaborate plan being acted out at the end of the, adventure, collaboration, sounds of havoc and possible destruction.  Just the way is should be...but shhhh don't tell them where I'm hiding.